The Beauty Salon
House Salon’s Success Story
House Salon specializing in the latest hair trends prides itself on having some of the hottest stylists in the market, yet they were challenged in bringing in new clients. Often listed with incorrect contact information in local directories and with no website or online marketing efforts in place to communicate their services or great customer reviews, reaching new clients was very limited.
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Our strategy was simple, build a program to help House Salon get found by enhancing their online presence to shout out services and stellar reviews. With our target set and local competition high we focused on optimizing their search rankings, correcting and expanding directory listings and launched a direct call-to-action mobile friendly website built for the search engines.

This program has made it easier for new clients to find House Salon, however quality of leads is just as important.  Through a newly implemented unique telephone number we successfully removed up 95% of callers identified as spam, allowing House Salon to solely focus on true leads. Additionally, leads are tracked and annotated through our on-demand dashboard, a simple and organized reference point. In 5 months 536 quality leads were tracked!

Paid advertising is also paying off currently ranking #1 for “beauty salons, ca”. Yelp listed House Salon as The Best Ten Hair Salons in CA. Additionally, Yelp contains 144+ client reviews awarding House Salon with a positive 5 star rating.

What we accomplished? Increased visibility in an already saturated market, expanded overall reach, connected with new customers, amplified positive customer reviews, invested in online presence and search marketing, enhanced directories and weeded out the spam to provide quality customers. Our job is not done, we will continue to hyper focus on these areas providing House Salon with an on-going strategic client referral machine.


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