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FUN HOOKAH’s Success Story
Marketing is a living, breathing and forever changing component to the digital world and takes time, money and patience. Primarily, it’s a blend of technical expertise, the production of good content, lot’s of maintenance and staying on top of the search trends. Fun Hookah Cafe is a perfect success story that with a little time a great return is possible. Located in Irving TX, Fun serves Mediterranean and Arabic food with a wide variety of flavors to choose from in the hookah lounge and became a client of ours in 2015.
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Running a restaurant and often late into the evenings they simply didn’t have the time to properly market nor have a way to share rave reviews with potential customers. Seeking more visibility and ways to attract new customers we put forth an SEO program suitable to meet their goals. Like many customers it’s tough to stay on top of the data and understand the return on their investments, that’s why we built a comprehensive easy to use dashboard containing all the important stuff. 

Fun called 6 months into their campaign and were actually intending to cancel. Our team took Fun through the data and the performance was outstanding - 433 leads in just 6 months with minimal investment. Being so busy they never had the opportunity to access the dashboard, but that has since changed. As of 2017, we have credited 1,478 leads, also ranking in the top 6 on search results for “hookah bar”, listed on primary directories like Google and Yelp averaging a 4.1 star rating, even verified as a local business on Google and listed in 16 other directories.  

Setting realistic expectations upfront regarding timeframes and letting the metrics tell the story is a daily practice of ours. It’s not a one-time thing nor a one-time investment and the results do vary. We continue to optimize for Fun so that they can solely focus on serving savory dishes and not about filling up seats - we do that for them.


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