Gotham Fish Factory
gotham fish factory’s Success Story
The aquarium business is big business and when it comes to connecting with new customers it’s all about bringing them to store locations. The appeal and sell are largely based on the compelling and almost out of this world aquarium experience only a store has to offer. With experts on hand to consult with customers and fish displays available a client can easily decide what they like and can care for at home.
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Gotham Fish Factory was new in the area and had a small store front in a less trafficked area of Manhattan. With no online presence and the wish to kick-start their offering to the locals they knew they had to develop and optimize online. Having a brick and mortar business relies heavily on walk-ins and being found online. Relying just on walk-ins is not a strong business strategy as it misses a huge audience who do local searches online everyday.
We enrolled them in our Local Business Optimization program and Social Media offering to give Gotham that out of the gate boost necessary. Within three months Gotham was ranking #1 on Google for “Aquariums” and #2 for “Live Coral”,  two very relevant keyword terms that brought prospects directly to Gotham. A certified Google+ profile further legitimizes Gotham as a trusted business. Updates and brand enhancements to their official facebook page has garnered over 4.5k Likes with 150+ customer reviews grading Gotham with a 4.3 star rating!

Since launching a Twitter and Instagram Gotham has received over 6.5k+ followers combined provides an incredible multi-platform for Gotham to market their fish and coral inventory and installations. Now that Gotham has a branded and active presence online both return customers and prospects are just a post or click away.

Gotham is getting found by it’s customers and many are turning into loyalists and referrers. We are ten months into the program and have tracked well over 1,100 new leads! On average that’s casting a net to 122 more people a month that otherwise would not have found Gotham. It’s easy to get lost among the storefronts in Manhattan - so we’re excited about Gotham gaining more attention and business!
“Such an outgoing and knowledgeable staff! The newly renovated store is top-notch and so lively. Some of the most intriguing sea creatures at the most reasonable prices in the entire city. My family loves visiting Gotham nearly as much as I do!”
- Anonymous
“Best aquarium store and service company in New York! I always make sure to take friends and family there. They are as top notch and emblematic as their name implies!”
- Anonymous
“Came here over the weekend and WOW! Super helpful and great stock of fish, inverts, and corals! Will DEFINITELY be back!”
- Anonymous


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