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At Ad.IQ, our first responsibility is ensuring that business owners have the best support and direction to stay ahead of the game. Not only are we here to aid you through the current challenges of COVID 19, but we also want to keep you prepared with the tools to keep your business successful all the time.

6 Steps to Conquering Difficult Times
1. Stay positive
By adopting the law of attraction, it is necessary to recognize that negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. At this time it is vital to stay positive.

Tips to Stay Positive:
- Exercise
- Practice Self Care
- Journal
- Connect with Friends and Family
- Seek out information that will uplift you is a great source of uplifting content.

More research: A study done on Mindsets by the UNSW business school

2. Education
Be open to accepting new and different strategies and employ them. Look at history; the most innovative companies have launched in similar times.

- Uber
- Airbnb
- Venmo
- WhatsApp

3. Identify the risks
Do not assume, take control by first identifying the risk, then you will be able to manage it. You cannot conquer an invisible enemy.
    4. Accept the situation
    Challenges will always exist; some may be larger than others. Smile now, you have no idea what tomorrow could bring.
      5. Apply the 10/90 Rule
      Only 10% of circumstances in life are uncontrollable. The other 90% is decided by how you respond. Focus on controlling the controllables.
      6. It happens to everyone
      No matter how exceptional your business is, something will go wrong for everyone at some time. We are all going to get through this together.
      Stay Informed
      The number one thing you can do for your company is to stay familiarized with the most current headlines. At this precise moment in time, we are receiving news and updates by the second. This page consists of sources that will help ensure you have the newest updates on COVID-19. It is imperative to know how it will change your business and what may be required to suppress any negative impact.

      Know what sources are credible
      New studies are revealing that barely 25% of Americans question whether what they are reading is valid. And a horrifying statistic is the other 75% view it as factual information. Below are some great sources to arm yourself with more awareness and the ability to detect if what you are seeing is fake news. It isn't just a skill that everyone can apply now; they will need it for the remainder of their life.

      Communication is Key

      Ad.IQ guide to claiming your business profiles

      Change you Google My Business Hours

      (If you are partnered with Ad.IQ it's as simple as emailing or call our toll-free number 888.402.2347 and press 1)

      Harvard Business Review

      U.S. Chamber of Commerce

      Communication is Key
      The show must go on! And the question every owner is thinking is, "How can I still service my clients at this time?" The secret to surviving this time is not to concentrate on why you can't do something. Instead, ask the question, "how can we still make this possible?" You have to continue to believe in your brand. People still want to enhance their quality of life and do not want to give up any of the luxuries or benefits of a fully operating marketplace. Connect with your clients, help them understand you are still in business. Update all your communications such as voicemails, web pages, social media profiles. Present a way for them to access you still. Even if you have not set up your digital presence, below are sources to information that will support you.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Provide a Frequently Asked Questions or F.A.Q. segment on your web page. Not only will this page provide guests with answers to virtually all their questions in one spot. F.A.Q.s also filter out redundant questions and clears up your telephone line for new inquiries. It will also save your company valuable time and resources. Here are some great sources on where to begin when creating a company F.A.Q.

      Additional Resources
      Here are some additional sources that will aid in the preparation or response to an unexpected disaster. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us; we are here to help. We have served over 20,000 businesses in averting loss of clients due to digital climate change, and our dedicated in house team specializes in forecasting trends and changing strategies to ensure your company's future is protected.